That moment when you find a new otp and you tried to refuse and say “Hahah, no way. Not this ship.” because it doesn’t make sense at the first time you feel it in your heart. But the more you question it, the more it becomes confusing. You scroll down through other ships and it doesn’t feel right. You try to board on others, yet you still keep thinking about that one pairing.

Thus this song comes in.

And that’s what happened when I first find the song.

Hanji doodle before sleep. I always hate that everytime I try to draw Hanji, she looks like some 18 years old. I wanna practice drawing her in a way that we can see her grown up persona.

I think she’s kinda stunning when she relaxes, usually while reading something and her inner aura would be just like whoah

And I just want a reason to draw a pissed off Levi.

Yes Levi, I kinda hate them too.

So I helped Grandpa clean the attic this morning and we dig up some of his old stuff and found this. “The Survey Sisters” was a hit back when he served and he got this memorabilia from one of their performance, authentically signed by all the members, Petra, Zoe, and Nanaba. They delivered wartime hits such as “Hey Chou!”, “Mikey Me Smell”, “Love Reconnoiters”, and “Step Out From the Wall”.

Grandpa then started to look further up his stack of stuff and wonder if he could find one of their records. I took up this photo and its vintage beauty sorta attracted me so I decided to show it to everyone.